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2016 - Packaging Design / Experience Design 

Tea time is part of a series of projects designed to experiment with the desritualization of tea.


Through Packaging Design, I wondered how might we create ultra fast tea dynamics, according to the speed of our day to day.


These projects were published by many digital magazines and trend websites.

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Our routine is getting faster and faster, everything around us is accelerating and people need to move faster.


Many products seek to eliminate rituals of activities that used to take longer. In addition, they are enhanced with qualities that help to experience the speed of everyday life.

How might we design super fast tea experiences?

4 Design experiments:







Tea time

Tea time is a new way to experience tea. Instead of buying the boxes with the classic tea bags, you can organize your daily tea in a strip of tea bags that you can stick in a visible place.


Tea time has a packaging system designed from its transport to its final consumption.

Distribution and exhibition

  • For exhibition in point of sale.

  • It contains 7 tea boxes (49 tea bags).

  • 200g Cardboard.

  • Slit lock truck closure.

  • Off-Set printing gloss varnish finish.

  • Amount indicator.

Tea time packaging

  • It contains 7 tea bags (Net Weight 14g).

  • 200g Cardboard.

  • Slit lock truck closure.

  • Off-Set printing gloss varnish finish.

Tea bags strip

Once the Tea time packaging is opened, use the sticker on the back for sticking the strip of tea bags in the kitchen.

Prototyping process

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