Instant and soluble tea

Preparing a tea was never so fast.

2014 - Packaging Design / Experience Design 

Steack is part of a series of projects designed to experiment with the desritualization of tea. (Steack was designed as a team with Marco Filipic and Alejandro Fenoglio)


Through Packaging Design, I wondered how might we create ultra fast tea dynamics, according to the speed of our day to day.


These projects were published by many digital magazines and trend websites.


Our routine is getting faster and faster, everything around us is accelerating and people need to move faster.


Many products seek to eliminate rituals of activities that used to take longer. In addition, they are enhanced with qualities that help to experience the speed of everyday life.

How might we design super fast tea experiences?

4 Design experiments:







Tea + spoon

Steack is a way to prepare tea very quickly and without any ritual.


The spoon is included in the packaging. We just need a cup and hot water to enjoy a good tea in seconds.




Open packaging and take the steak

Stir in hot water


Enjoy good tea

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