A new concept in furniture ready to assemble. Cheap and fun, easy to assemble and disassemble, without screws and in a few minutes.


2018 - Product Design 

This product line was born from the idea of creating easy furniture to assemble and disassemble following the trend of "young nomads". The challenge was to avoid using screws and hardware.


Muebles Atados was awarded the Seal of Good Argentine Design.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

For students and young professionals who move house frequently.


Good price difference with boring conventional furniture.

Without complications

They are assembled in a few minutes, without screws or tools. Only with a short video.

Makes your space cool

The threads and their details give a touch of color. Bye, always boring furniture.

Ready in minutes!

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Receive it at home

Visit the video tutorial

Tie the furniture and go

Luke table

Doug table

Goku table

Franky table

TV Spot

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