Welcome to the future of education.

Redesigning the Moodle learning platform experience


2020 - UX/UI Design

The COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives in all areas and in ways we had never imagined. Many social dynamics such as education experienced profound changes in a very short period of time.


The goal of this conceptual project was to redesign one of the growing educational platforms during the pandemic. A platform that, according to students and teachers, will be part of the "new normal" from now on.

Problems in the Current Design

The different levels of content organization generate confusion among users.

Insight 01: Content organization

"Sometimes I look for things and don't find them easily." - Student

Users cannot customise their experience because the platform does not support any changes to its structure and interface.

Insight 02: Customisation

"You can't change the colors, or the picture of the subject, or add anything." - Student 

Each student wants to receive different notifications, in different ways and at different times, but the platform does not offer options.

Insight 03: Notifications

"I would like to activate notifications when teachers upload notices, materials or new info." - Student 

The platform's communication tools are complex for users, who use other external means.

Insight 04: Communication

"I'm used to communicate a lot with my students and on this platform, we can hardly interact." - Teacher




Show personality

Allow customisation of options such as colours and subject cards.


Create a system for personalising notifications.



Subjects feed

Feed where students and teachers interact as a social network.



Quick search

Quick search bar like Google Drive on home screen. 


Redesign the content menus for the subjects.

New Design


Current Design

Welcome to the future of education


Natural extension of the classroom

The platform is an extension of the classroom, all interaction should be natural and without limitations.

Organisation is the key to success

All content is easily accessible to all teachers and students.

Intuitive and simple

Learners should focus their time on learning what they want to learn, without wasting time learning how to use the platform.

Your app, your materials, your personality

We want the app to be yours and your experience to be unique. Find new customisation options to study your way:


  • Choose the colour of the app.

  • Choose which notifications you want to receive.

  • Change the order of the subjects.


Find everything easier

Change the images for each subject and use the powerful new search bar where you can find any material, project, or exam.

In each subject, use the new horizontal menu to find what you need.


Interact with teachers and other students

Quickly find what you are looking for in each subject with the new horizontal bar. Interact with your classmates and teachers like in a social network.

Uploading a project has never felt so good

We guide you step by step so that your work follows your teacher's guidelines.


Socrates, a new Design System for Moodle

Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 17.21.15.png
Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 17.18.31.png
Logo socrates.png
Group 56.png
Group 58.png
Group 59.png
Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 17.11.15.png
Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 17.11.10.png
Group 61.png
Screenshot 2021-03-07 at 17.24.17.png

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