Argentina National Innovation Award_________________

2015 - Strategic Design / Product Design 

Oya! was a two-year project with a great team: Alejandro Fenoglio and Marco Filipic.

In the province of Córdoba, Argentina every year there are dangerous forest fires. Fire teams perform a difficult task to shut them down. For months we interviewed and mapped the experience and activities of these teams to find design opportunities. The insight that changed everything was that the firefighters felt unprotected and vulnerable because they could not have hot food on their nights in the field.

Fire Fighters Journey Map

The complete Fire Fighters Journey Map

Reframing the challenge

How might we improve the firefighter's nutrition in the field at night?

Oya! is a self-heating food system. Each fire station has their food rations ready for emergencies. When there is a forest fire, each firefighter takes his Oya!


After an intense day of work, they activate the chemical reaction with water. The system in a few minutes will inform that everything is ready for a comfortable dinner in the field.

Heating process

Chemical reaction

Prototyping process

Testing with


Potencial uses