Designed in Cohan Design Group_________________

Hot water when the supply is interrupted

Auxiliary and emergency electric shower.

2017 - Product and Industrial Design 

In Argentina, many regions do not have a permanent supply of natural gas, which makes it difficult to use water heaters. In addition, sometimes some areas are interrupted by maintenance or security reasons. Due to these situations, there are products called electric shower-heaters that are installed in the bathrooms and allow bathing with hot water.


Energy Safe decided to design a completely different one, improving many of its defects.

Designed in Cohan Design Group

My participation in the process

1. Research

2. Conceptualization

3. 3D modeling

4. Prototyping

5. Production support


Design Problems

Many components make assembly and maintenance difficult

It is difficult to have clear feedback on the amount of water remaining

The products available are very poor aesthetically

How might we simplify and totally differentiate this product?

Water overflow against the wall

Water level always visible

Side electrical box integrated into the shape

TV Spot

Store photos

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