Imagining the Apple CAR Experience.

A CAR that is more tan a car.

2015 - Advanced Design 

This six-month project was born with the question: What would the experience inside an Apple car be like? In 2015, rumors of a car manufactured by Apple exploded on the internet.


With the mentoring of Lucas Colombo Carbone (Ex Design Lead of Mercedes Benz), I designed a vision to 2020 of an Apple CAR. Once published, it went viral on several web Design and rumors about Apple, in all kinds of languages.

"Cool right?! Tim Cook, I hope you’re listening!"  


"The Best way to Predict the Future is to create it - The Apple CARvision 2020 by Designer Matías Papalini"  


"Argentinian designer Matias Papalini provided his ideas of the Apple Car interior with a series of dashboard concept designs"  


"Apple iCar May Look Like This!"  


Welcome to your CAR

Like a Car.

Unlike any Car.

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The magic of Apple.

Rethink the products through an incredible experience. Always surprising and setting the course to follow.



A Computer that is more than a computer.



A Music Player that is more than a music player.




A Phone that is more than a phone.


A Watch that is more than a watch.

Apple CARvision 2020

A Car that is more than a car.

Magic Steering Wheel

Sync your iPhone for a better driving experience.

Basic security functions

Induction charging technology


Osmove is the operating system that will boost your movement in the city. It will provide you with a creative space and a MacBoard with all the creative applications of Apple. Work, move and have fun with OSmove in your Apple CAR.

Manual mode.

Driver view

Apple CarPlay Driving Info Basic Security Functions

Music rear-view cam

Passenger view

Apps Bar

Apps Menu

Work, fun, surf the web while your CAR takes you.

Your CAR, your creative workspace.

Autonomous mode.

Driver view

Driving Info

Basic Security Functions Touch Screen

Passenger view

Apps Bar

Apps Menu

Touch Screen

An amazing theater, now in your CAR.

Enjoy your movies anywhere.

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